One for All, All for One Campaign

Once in many generations there comes a time when we must stand up for the things dear to us. On top of this list for most of us are our lives, our families, our friends, our work, our communities and our country. Today every single one of these items is threatened by the COVID-19 disease. That is why it is essential for us to join in the effort and resource mobilisation to push back arguably the biggest global peril in 100 years.

Our screens are full of the death, devastation and destruction wrought daily in countries with sophisticated health systems by the pandemic. We equally see how things panned out in these places and know it is possible to fight this menace when we stand together. Unity in effort is key.

We are indeed as good and healthy as the health of our community and the people around us, some of whom we do not know. How well we fare against Covid-19 is inextricably tied to how well the rest of our country would fare. We must aggressively push this virus back to give ourselves a good chance of protecting the things we cherish.

Uncommon times indeed demand the unusual. That is why the Stanbic Bank ‘ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE’ staff mobilization effort is launched to support our national efforts against the pandemic.

Every amount you give would be used to buy essential medical supplies including PPEs, Test Kits and Ventilators for the Ghana Health Service. Our target is to purchase 5000 test kits and 5 Ventilators through the UNOPS for the Ghana Health Service.

Unlike Jack Dorsey, you do not have to give 28% of your net wealth. Only 1% or more of your net salary for the next 3 months is adequate. Commit Now!!

Next steps:

  • Click here to give more than 1% per month for 3 months
  • Do nothing if you want to give 1% per month  for 3 months
  • Click here to opt out
  • Make a one off contribution through any of the following channels

Payment Channel

Mode of Payment

Direct Debit – Payroll

Send an email to StanbicGhanaHRSupport@

Inter-Account Transfer

Transfer to Stanbic Account No: 9040007364339 (Employee Engagement, Branch – Heights)


Send to MTN No: 0540126757 or Stanbic Account No: 9040007364339

Mobile Money

Send to MTN No: 0540126757 or Vodafone Cash : 0205050054


Hand over cash to your department / business unit HC Rep
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